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SmarTram Intelligent Control System Solution

SmarTram is an intelligent control system solution for tramway which is independently developed by CASCO after learning French mature tramway application experience and standard and combining it with China’s actual conditions. It provides such functions as mainline/depot interlocking control, crossing priority management, operation dispatching management, onboard assistance, wired and wireless communication, PIS, radio, telephone, environment and electricity monitoring, integrated operation maintenance, protection and alarm for speeding/running the red light. The dispatching center platform integrates all the above weak current systems to realize intelligent and efficient tramway operation by intelligent linkage and analysis.

SmarTram has integrated IXL, OLC, DMS, OBS and DCS whose key equipment has passed International safety certification and has been proved by many successful projects at home and abroad. SmarTram with mature technology could meet the safety requirement of tramway.

System Advantages


Safe and reliable
  • SIL4 interlocking with SIL2 onboard protection system
Intelligent integration
  • Professional platform with weak current systems integrated including signaling, communication, power monitoring to realize intelligent linkage
Flexible configuration
  • Tailored solution as per project features
  • Interface with various vehicle, road signaling and other third-party systems
  • Flexible operation mode: normal, degraded operation and special event
Economic and efficient
  • Cutting-edge design concept and technical application with quality and efficiency in mind to lower life-cycle cost remarkably

Case Study

  • Chengdu IT Avenue Tramway

    The tramway project with highest safety level in China

  • Shenzhen Longhua Tramway

    The first tramway project in China with weak current systems integrated