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Traffic Integrated Dispatcher Automatic System (TIDAS)

TIDAS is an integrated data information platform with multiple disciplines. With train dispatching as the core, it integrates ATS, PSCADA, BAS, FAS, wireless system, PIS, PA, CCTV and other subsystems closely related while connecting to IOM and office management system. TIDAS uses big data, cloud computing and intelligent analysis to integrate business information, monitors train dispatching of rail transit network by human-computer interface and provides life-cycle maintenance and management for the equipment, thus realizing automatic and intelligent rail transit operation.

System Advantages

  • Integrate different systems to meet the operation requirement of lower cost and higher efficiency
  • Realize more intelligent operation monitoring with train dispatching as the core
  • Automatic trans-disciplinary linkage to improve emergency handling ability
  • Higher safety and reliability with the concept of signaling design
  • Integrate IOM system to realize efficient equipment maintenance and management