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TRANAVI Independent Train Control System Solution

TRANAVI is an urban rail transit signaling solution developed independently by Casco. TRANAVI not only has all the intellectual property rights owned by Chinese company, but also boasts the same technology, function and safety level as the imported signaling system. The development of core subsystem absorbs the technology and global project experience from Alstom while the key subsystem comes from Casco’s many mature products which have been proved by more than 20 projects. As an urban rail signaling system, TRANAVI has demonstrated a perfect mixture of mature technology and Chinese needs. Tranavi was honored the Silver Award in the 16th China International Industry Fair in 2014 for its advanced technology and good application value, becoming the only winning product in rail transit industry in the session.

Excellent Performance

  • Safety culture and reliable quality
    Upholding safety culture and concept, TRANAVI focuses on building a safe and reliable system through the adept application of safety concepts and tools such as NISAL, BIT, VCP, formal method modeling and verification.
  • Mature technology and rich project experience
    On the basis of ALSTOM’s technology and global project experience for nearly 100 years, TRANAVI provides all-round professional service from product, implementation to management after 17 years of development by Casco and the key subsystems have all been successfully verified by over 20 projects.
  • Comfort, energy conservation and high efficiency
    TRANAVI makes the breakthrough of realizing comfort, energy conservation and efficiency based on the world leading ATO energy saving algorithm and seamless combination of ATS and ATC.


Case Study

  • Shanghai Line 17

    The first metro line with integrated CBTC signaling equipment provided
    by local company in Shanghai

  • Ethiopia Addis Ababa LRT

    The first urban rail line in Ethiopia even East Africa

    The first urban transit project undertook by Chinese company in Africa