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Urbalis 888 Localized Train Control System Solution

With the same platform of ALSTOM’s URBALIS TM solution and synchronous update, URBALIS 888 uses the most advanced communication-based train control technology and realizes data transmission by special bidirectional self-healing backbone network and wireless network, providing excellent and efficient operating safeguard for rail transit. URBALIS 888 represents the highest application level of modern automatic control technology, computer and communication technology in urban rail transit.

Excellent Performance

  • Full automatic driverless mode: the opening and closing of the door, the initiating, accelerating, cruising and stopping of the train can be automatically completed by the system. The existing manned URBALIS system could also be upgraded to driverless mode easily.
  • Advanced operating function: automatic driving, automatic door opening and closing and automatic driverless turn-back
  • Driving mode conversion: efficient switch of driving mode with no stopping while guaranteeing safety
  • Shorter headway: less than 90s
  • Higher stopping accuracy: 99.995% probability of train stop accuracy within ±0.25m
  • Precise running time between stations: the error range of running time in ATO section is no more than ±2 %
  • Efficient mixed operation: the mixture of CBTC and backup mode to ensure a safe and efficient operation
  • Carrier-class SDH backbone network: high bandwidth, bidirectional self-healing ability and flexible networking makes it possible to have signal and many other applications at the same time such as real time multimedia and video surveillance
  • Integrated monitoring maintenance: MSS and MSS functions are integrated to manage the maintenance of signaling equipment along the line

Case Study

  • Zhengzhou Line 2

    Casco’s first metro project in Central China

    The first line equipped with CBTC based on LTE-M multiple-service communication when commissioned

  • Wuhan Line 6

    The first operational CBTC line with 4G LTE communication technology
    around the world

  • Shenzhen Line 11

    CBTC signaling solution via 2.4G free wireless

    Top operation speed of 120kph, the fastest in China

  • Beijing Line 1 Renovation

    The first subway in New China

    Average daily passenger flow of 1.3 million

    The largest signaling renovation project in China at present

  • Beijing Line 2

    The first CBTC system commissioned successfully in China

    The first signaling system renovation line in China

    The densest operating line in China currently: 110s

  • Beijing Airport Link

    The first driverless metro line with man on duty

  • Shanghai Line 10

    The first full automatic line with dense and heavy passenger flow

    Equipped with driverless function with no man on duty

  • Shanghai Line 16

    The first high-speed line

    The first line with fast and slow vehicles

    The longest CBTC+ATO miles with one-time commission

  • Shenzhen Line 2

    CBTC full function commissioned by 19 months

    Set the time record of signaling construction

    Interconnection with Shenzhen Line 5 reserved

  • Wuhan Line 2

    The first line that traverses Yangtze River in China

  • Kunming Line 1& 2 (Phase I)

    The first line on the plateau in China