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Integrated Operation and Maintenance System (IOM)

Integrated Operation and Maintenance System (IOM) is developed independently by Casco. It gathers maintenance information of main subsystems and joint parts, builds the only platform with big data technology, and realizes three levels of functions by intelligent diagnosis, i.e. dispatching, analysis and data monitoring. Besides, it has various features such as integrated system monitoring, procedural troubleshooting, intelligent failure diagnosis, standard emergency command, closed-loop problem control and stereo production command.

Casco’s IOM system has been on pilot test in Hohhot Railway Bureau.

System Advantages

 Signal& communication data integration
  • Logbook: maintenance base system interface, logbook system interface, logbook data of existing equipment interface
  • Environment control: smoke, fire, flood, temperature, humidity and access monitoring; power and environment interface of high-speed railway
  • Video: outdoor video in relay station, HD video surveillance in key turnouts, existing video interface
  • Communication: communication network management interface; safety data network interface
  • Onboard signal: DMS onboard equipment monitoring interface, LAIS system interface, cab signaling system interface
  • Center signaling equipment: CTC/TDCS center equipment monitoring interface, RBC center equipment monitoring interface; TSRS monitoring interface
  • Station signaling equipment: train control interface, interlocking interface, ZPW2000A interface, signal indoor and outdoor collection, point switch indoor and outdoor collection, instation and section track circuit indoor and outdoor collection 
 Integrated intelligent analysis of signal& communication center
  • Intelligent troubleshooting guide
  • Intelligent monitoring of signal& communication and other related parts
  • Intelligent intersystem monitoring
  • Intelligent train-ground analysis
  • Intelligent indoor and outdoor analysis
  • Intelligent signal and communication analysis
  • Life-cycle management
  • Intelligent dynamic logic diagram
Signal and communication production dispatching
  • Dynamic overview diagram
  • Intelligent closed-loop management of production
  • Intelligent closed-loop management of safety risk
  • Intelligent emergency dispatching management