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Full Electronic Computer Interlocking System(iLOCK-E)

iLOCK-E full electronic computer interlocking system is an electronic execution unit subsystem developed independently by Casco based on iLOCK computer interlocking system. It uses 2oo2×2 structure and the core safety platform has passed international third-party SIL4 safety certification.

iLOCK-E full electronic computer interlocking system has various safety communication interfaces which could satisfy the integrated application of rail transit CBTC system as well as railway C2/C3 lines. The interlocking functions, reliability, maintainability, loading capacity and anti-interference capability all conform with actual requirements of the site and relevant technical standards at home and abroad.

System Advantages

  • On the basis of “2oo2” and numerically integrated safety-assurance logic technology, independent safety validation subsystem VPS with SIL4 safety certification is added to ensure the safety of the system.
  • Electronic execution unit uses composite fail-safe structure recommended by CENELEC and the core safety platform has passed international third-party SIL4 safety certification. Multiple technologies such as data scrambling, online self-diagnosis, separate double-break output, output validation are applied to ensure the correct collection, operation and execution of the system.
  • Hot redundant 2oo2×2 structure
  • Electronic execution unit can be hot redundant structure and supports hot plug and seamless switch while any fault in the module doesn’t affect the normal operation of system.
  • The application of electronic execution unit can greatly reduce the use of relay, signal cable and combined shelf, which not only avoids various faults like mixed or broken lines, relay failure, but also cuts the investment of station equipment and improves the system availability.
  • The network structure supports long-distance drive and meets the application requirements of stations of different scales.
  • The system is configured with simple interfaces and provides clear and visual fault alert and diagnosis, which can reduce daily maintenance a lot.
Transparent and auditable interlocking software
  • The interlocking software uses static statistics and dynamic examination. When the station is updating the interlocking software, it can clearly define the testing area and repeated testing of the whole station is avoided, thus saving a lot of manpower and time.
  • The main part of interlocking software is open to the user and employees can be trained to improve their technology management.

Case Study

  • THANALENG Station

    THANALENG station is the terminal of the first international railway
    in Laos from Nong Khai, Thailand to THANALENG, Laos. It has 
    become an important tourist and trading port in Laos and 
    Thailand in recent years, offering passenger service as well as
    railway freight.

    Casco provided self-reliant iLOCK-E all-electronic computer interlocking system, which is the first
    such system that has gone abroad.