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Centralized Signaling Monitoring System(CSM-KA)

CSM-KA centralized signaling monitoring system is researched and developed independently by Casco according to Technical Specifications of Signaling Monitoring System and Safety Requirements of Signaling Monitoring System issued by former Ministry of Railways. The system is a vital equipment to ensure safety, enhance signaling equipment management and monitoring as well as an essential method to repair as per the signal status. It can meet the demand of construction and renovation of station yard for various kinds of railways and urban rail transit. Casco’s CSM-KA system has passed the site test of software and special test of hardware organized by Quality Test Center of former Ministry of Railways and got administrative licensing in advance in January 2013 (Certificate No.: REAC2017-00017). CSM-KA has been successfully applied to PDL, normal-speed railway, urban rail transit, coal mine and harbor.

System Advantages

  • Advanced computer software and hardware technology and modular software programming framework
  • Advanced network communication and database technologies
  • Advanced skeuomorphic graphic display technology and intelligent diagnosis technology
  • The system can notice the hidden trouble of equipment in advance and give warning, thus reminding the watchkeeper to find and solve the trouble in time.
  • CSM-KA is capable of pinpointing the equipment failure and giving an alarm to guide maintenance man to deal with it and cut the delay.
  • Skeuomorphic graphics display the status of signaling equipment, which helps the electric service maintenance man to locate the abnormal equipment quickly.
  • The system produces maintenance proposal of signaling equipment automatically while the informatization promotes the warning and dealing process based on equipment status.
  • Sound quarantine keeps it from affecting the proper operation of monitored equipment.
  • Safety coding and redundancy technology ensures the integrity of collected data.
  • The key device is dual-redundant or hot standby.
  • CSM-KA adopts highly reliable hardware
  • The data acquisition accuracy can stay for a year after the adjustment

Case Study

  • Shanghai-Kunming Passenger Dedicated Line (Yunnan-Guizhou Section)

    Hukun PDL is a fast passenger channel in China’s Long and Medium-term 
    Railway Network Plan, of which Yungui section is 184.7km with designed 
    speed of 300km/h, which is reserved to upgrade to 350km/h.

    Casco provided CSM-KA signal monitoring system for 14 stations.

  • Dunhuang-Golmud Railway

    Dunhuang-Golmud Railway is the most convenient channel that connects 
    Xinjiang, Qinghai, Gansu and Tibet and links Lanxin Railway and Qinghai-Tibet
    Railway. It has important meaning to politics, economy and national defense.

    The whole line applied Casco’s FZk-CTC and CSM-KA system.

  • Xi’an Railway Center

    As the key project of the 12th Five-year Plan, Xi’an Railway Center will
    effectively relieve the repairmen insufficiency of trains and has important 
    meaning to promote the railway development in northwest and construction of 
    Xi’an high-speed railway network.

    3 CTC and CSM stations as well as 1 dispatching center utilized Casco’s equipment,
    realizing successful application of CTC system in train overhaul system. 

  • Guiyang-Guangzhou High-speed Railway

    Guiyang-Guangzhou High-speed Railway from Guiyang North Station
    to Guangzhou South Station is an important project in the 12th 
    Five-year Plan of China railway.

    Casco provided multiple systems such as FZk-CTC, iLOCK and CSM-KA.

  • Ejina-Hami Railway

    Ejina-Hami Railway is the key project of China’s “One Belt and One Road” 
    Strategy and mid-long term railway planning.

    Casco provided multiple signaling system products like FZk-CTC, VPI and CSM-KA.

  • Ganzhou-Ruijin-Longyan Railway

    As an important part of China’s railway network, Ganzhou-Ruijin-Longyan Railway 
    ends the history of no trains in Southern Jiangxi.

    Casco provided 10 FZk-CTC, 2 TDCS 3.0 and 2 CSM-KA systems.

  • Hainan West Ring High-speed Railway

    Hainan West Ring High-speed Railway is one of the projects in Hainan’s 
    12th Five-year Plan as well as the first roundabout high-speed line 
    around the world.

    Casco built 26 CSM-KA systems and one CSM-KA center for the line, 
    which is Casco’s first CSM-KA center in Guangzhou Railway Bureau.

  • Dandong-Dalian Express Railway

    Dandong-Dalian Express Railway is the first coastal express railway 
    in Northeast China and an important part of its east railway network.

    The whole line applied Casco’s FZk-CTC and CSM-KA systems.

  • Lanzhou-Zhongchuan Airport Railway

    Lanzhou-Zhongchuan Airport Railway is an important part of Lanzhou-Zhangye Railway.

    The whole line applied Casco’s FZk-CTC and CSM-KA systems.

  • Jilin-Tumen-Hunchun Passenger Dedicated Line

    The operation of Jilin-Tumen-Hunchun Passenger Dedicated Line ends 
    the history of no passenger train to Hunchun and forms rapid passenger 
    transport network together with Changji, Hada, Panying, Shendan and Haqi 
    high-speed railway.

    Casco provided 8 FZk-CTC systems, 15 CSM-KA systems and corresponding center equipment.

  • Shenyang-Dandong Passenger Dedicated Line

    Shenyang-Dandong Passenger Dedicated Line improves the accessibility 
    of China’s PDL network and makes one-hour-circle between Shenyang 
    to Dandong possible.

    Casco provided several sets of FZk-CTC and CSM-KA system equipment.

  • Jiaozhou-Jinan Passenger Dedicated Line

    The first self-developed PDL CTC system in China railway

    Casco provided various signaling system products including 
    FZk-CTC, CSM-KA and KD1-ka.

  • Lanzhou-Xinjiang High-speed Railway

    Lanzhou-Xinjiang High-speed Railway is the first high-speed 
    railway on the plateau as well as the longest high-speed railway
    that was constructed by one time in the world.

    Casco provided FZk-CTC and new generation of signaling 
    monitoring system CSM-KA.

  • Nanning-Guangzhou High-speed Railway

    Nanning-Guangzhou High-speed Railway is one of the key 
    projects in China Railway Medium and Long-term Plan and the 
    12th Five-year Plan, and also the traffic artery connecting 
    Guangxi and Guangdong.

    Casco provided traditional competitive products FZk-CTC and
    new generation of signaling monitoring system CSM-KA.