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Shunting Train Protection System(STP-KA)

STP-KA is an intelligent and configurable train protection system that can be adapted to various station yards. It applies advanced system monitoring technology to modern railway management, which realizes shunting cab signal display and speed monitoring and solves the technology problems in shunting operation before. STP-KA can effectively prevent splitting of points caused by shunting train as well as collision and derail due to overspeed, which not only keeps the safety of shunting operation in the station, but also meets the demand of a safe and efficient railway development.

System Advantages

  • On-board host computer is portable and on-board software can be installed by one time, which can be applied to all the shunting trains and locomotives in every station.
  • The system provides assisted GPS system, which greatly improves the control accuracy and efficiency while ensuring shunting safety.
  • The function of GPS initial alignment and auto registration into network is for choosing and there is no need to install passive transponder, thus cutting down the construction and maintenance cost
  • Flexible terminal configuration according to station yard layout, job requirements and customers’ needs makes STP control available to watchkeeper in particular cases.
  • The design plan which is compatible with GSM-R and radio station communication and supports wireless relay and multiple cabinets in one station, can build stable and reliable train-ground communication in line with different station yards.

Case Study

  • Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway

    Daqin Railway stretches across regions like Shanxi, Beijing and Hebei while
     carrying heavy-load trains of 10,000 and 20,000 tons. It has the most 
    annual freight volume in the world.

    Casco undertook the construction of STP system in station yards like Hudong,
    Chawu, East of Qinhuangdao and South of Liucun. It is the first time that 
    onboard-ground information transmission of STP was realized through GSM-R
     network in the industry, which has avoided the shortcomings of small coverage
     and interference of traditional data transfer radio.

  • STP-KA project in Lanzhou Railway Bureau

    It’s the first time that Casco’s self-reliant STP system 
    was applied.