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Computer-based Interlocking System(iLOCK)

iLOCK computer-based interlocking system is a “2oo2×2” system developed solely by CASCO with full intellectual property rights. The system passed the safety authentication of SIL4 conducted by TÜV of Germany, an international safety certification third party on October 28th 2009, which demonstrated that the safety level of iLOCK has reached the highest level, i.e. SIL4 of CENELEC. On December 20th 2013, the generic application of iLOCK system also passed the third-party safety authentication of SIL4, proving that iLOCK has reached SIL4 of CENELEC from the product to the application.

System Advantages

  • The product as well as the application of iLOCK system has passed the SIL4 independent safety authentication by an international third party.
  • iLOCK system integrates “2oo2” and double-break stable output technology, and independent safety validation subsystem VPS is added on the basis of numerically integrated safety-assurance logic technology to ensure the safety of the system.
  • iLOCK system is designed with multi-redundant structure and additional technologies like collection sharing and paralleled output control by dual systems, thus ensuring high reliability.
  • iLOCK uses multi-processors, independent computer power supply protection and partitioned filtering, so that the system has great lightening protection and anti-interference capabilities.
  • With open designing language, iLOCK system has good readability.
  • With electronic-guided diagnostic function, iLOCK can track the output or input failure to code level.
  • iLOCK boasts the function of online version validation so as to achieve process tracking and version management of system design.
  • iLOCK is designed with embedded on-site simulation test interface and vital check-out or check-in design of simulation test data is involved in application software. When the system is upgraded or under daily check, one set of equipment can be upgraded and tested while the other maintains uninterrupted running so that the upgrade of the whole station and the test of interlocking function can be completed without affecting the normal operation.

Case Study

  • Chongqing-Wanzhou Passenger Dedicated Line

    Chongqing-Wanzhou Railway is an intercity railway from Chongqing downtown to
    Wanzhou district. It is 247.2km long with designed and operation speed of 250km/h. 

    Casco provided iLOCK interlocking system for 6 stations including Fusheng, 
    North of Changshou, Changshouhu, Dianjiang, South of Liangping and North 
    of Wanzhou.

  • Guiyang-Guangzhou High-speed Railway

    Guiyang-Guangzhou High-speed Railway from Guiyang North Station
    to Guangzhou South Station is an important project in the 12th 
    Five-year Plan of China railway.

    Casco provided multiple systems such as FZk-CTC, iLOCK and CSM-KA.

  • Mudanjiang-Suifenhe High-speed Railway

    Mudanjiang-Suifenhe High-speed Railway has significant strategic meaning 
    for the upgrading of Sino-Russia economic cooperation and building 
    Sino-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor.

    All the eight stations used Casco’s FZk-CTC system and Aihe Station 
    also applied iLOCK system.

  • Jinhua-Lishui-Wenzhou Railway

    Jinhua-Lishui-Wenzhou Railway is a key project in China 
    as well as Zhejiang Province.

    Casco provided FZk-CTC and iLOCK systems.

  • Harbin-Qiqihar High-speed Railway

    As the key project in China’s 12th Five-year Plan, Haqi Railway is the first intercity
     high-speed railway in Heilongjiang Province which is at China’s highest latitude. 
    Moreover, it is the first high-speed railway with the whole line 
    in the alpine region in the world.

    Casco provided its iLOCK computer-based interlocking system based on
    NISAL patented technology and superior CTC system.

  • Shanghai Hongqiao Station

    iLOCK was applied to top class station for the first time.

  • Interlocking and TDCS renovation of Wanggang Station in Harbin-Qiqihar PDL

    Harbin-Qiqihar PDL is the first intercity passenger line in 
    Heilongjiang Province, and also the key project in China’s 
    12th Five-year Plan.

    Casco improved the computer-based interlocking and TDCS 
    systems for Wanggang Station in Harbin-Qiqihar PDL.

  • Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Railway

    Train control center renovation project

    Casco provided FZk-CTC and computer-based interlocking