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Train Dispatching and Command System(TDCS)

TDCS-k 3.0 train dispatching and commanding system (hereinafter referred to as TDCS 3.0) is a new generation that was developed by Casco according to the Technical Specifications of Train Dispatching and Commanding System (3.0) issued by China Railway Corporation. By the transportation production standards, the system manages the whole process of transportation safety to improve traffic control efficiency and enhance safety guarantee. TDCS3.0 inherits the function of original TDCS system, absorbs CTC experience of high-speed railway and improves hardware platform as well as software function of original TDCS in an all-round way. It reinforces the redundancy and reliability of system structure, adds query, simulation testing, maintenance support and emergency security systems, and improves information safety. Besides, functions such as operation control of running chart, formatted input of dispatching command, route error alarm, procedure supervision of train operation, off-normal operation support, comprehensive inquiry of traffic information and construction management are added to improve data and equipment maintenance, so as to better safeguard traffic safety.

System Advantages

  • Enhanced station display
  • Operation control of running chart
  • Formatted input of dispatching command
  • Route error alarm
  • Management of key train operation
  • Procedure supervision of train operation
  • Off-normal operation support
  • Comprehensive inquiry of traffic information
  • Construction management
  • Data integration maintenance
  • Equipment maintenance

Case Study

  • Xintai Cilai Railway

    Casco provided TDCS 3.0 equipment for 27 stations in the electrification of 
    Xitai Cilai Railway. This is the first TDCS 3.0 railway line in Jinan Bureau.

  • Ganzhou-Ruijin-Longyan Railway

    As an important part of China’s railway network, Ganzhou-Ruijin-Longyan Railway 
    ends the history of no trains in Southern Jiangxi.

    Casco provided 10 FZk-CTC, 2 TDCS 3.0 and 2 CSM-KA systems.

  • Deda Rilway

    Deda Rilway is the main line in Shandong railway network as well as the transport
    artery in Yellow River Delta.

    Casco provided 22 FZk-CTC systems for the whole line and 3 TDCS 3.0 systems.

  • Nanning Railway Bureau

    On September 22nd, Nanning Railway Bureau successfully 
    completed TDCS system cutting in old and new dispatching 

  • Interlocking and TDCS renovation of Wanggang Station in Harbin-Qiqihar PDL

    Harbin-Qiqihar PDL is the first intercity passenger line in 
    Heilongjiang Province, and also the key project in China’s 
    12th Five-year Plan.

    Casco improved the computer-based interlocking and TDCS 
    systems for Wanggang Station in Harbin-Qiqihar PDL.

  • CTC and TDCS project of Taiyuan Railway Bureau

    Casco provided FZk-CTC and TDCS 3.0 system.

    It's also the first TDCS 3.0 system that was applied in China railway.