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INTXIS(CTCS2+ATO)Train Control System Solution

Co-developed by CASCO and ALSTOM, INTXIS is a signaling system solution for intercity railway using C2+ATO mode. The core subsystem EVC CTCS-2 ATP system is developed by CASCO based on ALSTOM’s mature EVC platform. INTXIS integrates several subsystems developed independently by CASCO with mature operating experience, and could be adjusted to meet the operation requirement of China’s intercity railways.

System Advantages

  • Based on ALSTOM’s mature EVC platform, INTXIS’s core subsystems include transportation command system, trackside signaling system, onboard signaling system, maintenance support system and basic signaling equipment, which have been testified by projects accounting for 77% of the line length in Europe, and also have European SIL4 safety certification.
  • It integrates all the series of CASCO’s railway products with rich operating experience, including FZk-CTC centralized traffic control subsystem, iLOCK computer-based interlocking subsystem, LKD2-KA train control center, TSRS-KA train speed restriction subsystem and iMSS intelligent maintenance management subsystem.
  • The core onboard subsystem CTCS-2 could satisfy the operation need of high-speed railway.
  • The solution can be updated to CBTC system and realize interconnection with CTCS system of passenger dedicated line.