Casco Facilitates the Completion of “Crib + Loop” Pattern of Chengdu Metro by the Operation of Metro Line 7

At 8:36 this morning, all stations of Chengdu Metro Line 7, which is equipped with Casco Urbalis 888 signaling system, were officially open to the public. The first train, themed with Jinsha Culture, slowly departed from the Jinsha Site Museum with the first batch of passengers, marking the official trial operation of the first loop line of Chengdu Metro after 2 years of intense construction and preparation and the completion of “crib + loop” network of Chengdu Metro.



As the signaling general contractor, Casco provided complete Urbalis 888 CBTC signaling system solution for Chengdu Metro Line 7 and took charge of system project management, design, supply, installation, commissioning, etc. 


Since the launch of the project, Casco has been working at full stretch at the front line by enhancing quality, ensuring safety and reinforcing management, which has made outstanding contribution to the scheduled trial operation of Chengdu Metro Line 7 and won favorable praise by the owner. This comes as the second metro line successfully delivered by Casco in Chengdu after Line 4, together with Line 9, 17 and 18 under construction as well as Chengdu Modern Tram Line 2, enabling Casco to have a market share of nearly 40% in Chengdu. In particular, Metro Line 9 will come as another GOA4 unattended line undertaken by Casco after Shanghai Metro Line 10. 


In the future, Casco will continue to create full-process assured experience for customers as always and protect public transport in all aspects while based in this significant central city in the Southwest China.