Casco Obtains Large-Scale Level I Enterprise Qualification for Information System Integration and Service in 2017

At the “2017 China Information System Integration and Service Industry Annual Meeting” organized and held by the China Information Technology Industry Federation (CITIF) on December 13, Casco officially obtained the certificate for large-scale Level I enterprise qualification for information system integration and service, making it one of the 39 enterprises with such qualification in China.  



Level I enterprises for information system integration and service are rated by the CITIF on behalf of national ministries and commissions with comprehensive consideration of a number of factors including business operation status, system integration, business scale, safe and reliable construction capacity, technology level and market position. It requires nominated enterprises to rank top in China in terms of technology level, R&D capacity and market share, have strong technical and talent strength with annual total revenue no less than RMB 1 billion from information system integration, as well as significant contribution to national and industrial information construction by information system integration and service projects. The qualification accreditation is designed to cultivate industrial leading enterprises in China and facilitate companies to become bigger and stronger so as to satisfy national demands for large-scale, complex and significant information system construction and guarantee tasks. 


As an all-around train operation control system integrator, Casco has made continuous innovations in train operation control system by maintaining an annual R&D investment accounting for 8%-10% of annual sales revenue, making its product line cover various fields such as national railway, urban rail transit, intercity railway and tramway. So far, Casco’s railway products have covered 18 railway bureaus across China, urban rail transit products have accounted for over 30% of domestic market and commissioned CBTC mileage has exceeded 1100km, ranking top in the industry. 


Thanks to its strong capacity, Casco finally stood out from 264 Level I enterprises across China and successfully passed the assessment, which has fully reflected the industry-leading information system integration capacity and service level of Casco. In the future, Casco will stay true to its original intention and adhere to its mission by continuously enhancing and improving rail transit information system integration and service capacity, actively building industry sharing platforms, leading and facilitating coordinated industrial development and comprehensively protecting public transport to create whole-journey assured experience for customers and the public.