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  • Shanghai Line 17 Put into Service with Casco’s 100% Independent Signaling Solution


    At 6:00 this morning, Shanghai Line 17, equipped with Casco’s TRANAVI signaling solution, was officially put into service after construction for 3 years and 4 months, making it the first metro line in Shanghai with fully independent signaling solution.

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  • Casco Helps the Signaling System Renovation of Shanghai Metro Line 1


    At 5:30 a.m. on December 9, a Shanghai Metro Line 1 train equipped with new signaling system slowly arrived at People’s Square Station, marking the successful switch from old to new signaling system of the first phase of Shanghai Metro Line 1 (Shanghai South Railway Station-Shanghai Railway Station)...

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  • Casco Obtains Large-Scale Level I Enterprise Qualification for Information System Integration and Service in 2017


    At the “2017 China Information System Integration and Service Industry Annual Meeting” organized and held by the China Information Technology Industry Federation (CITIF) on December 13, Casco officially obtained the certificate for large-scale Level I enterprise qualification for information system ...

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  • Supporting Xi’an–Chengdu High-Speed Railway, Casco Contributes to the Construction of the Xi’an-Chengdu “3H Economic Circle”


    At 8:22 this morning, D4251 train successfully departed from Xi’an North Railway Station to Chengdu East Railway Station, marking the official operation of the Xi’an-Chengdu High-Speed Railway and the completion of the “3H economic circle” between Xi’an and Chengdu.

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  • Casco’s Fully Automated CBTC Demonstration System Awarded Excellent Product


    The 19th China Hi-tech Fair co-hosted by 8 ministries and commissions and Shenzhen government was held in Shenzhen Convention& Exhibition Center on November 16th 2017. Casco as one of 16 Shanghai hi-tech representative companies attracted much audience with fully automated CBTC demonstration system.

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  • Shenzhen Longhua Tramway, the First Tramway with Weak Current Systems Deeply Integrated, Goes into Passenger-carrying Trial Operation


    On October 28th, Shenzhen Longhua Tramway entered into passenger-carrying trial operation. It is the first modern tramway line in Shenzhen, as well as the first tramway with weak current systems deeply integrated that was successfully commissioned in China, which is of significant demonstration mean...

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  • Casco Exhibits Signaling System of New Generation at Modern Railways 2017


    The 14th Modern Railway was held in Shanghai Exhibition Center from October 26th to 29th. As all-round train operation control system integrator, Casco attracted many visitors with the latest intelligent dispatching system, integrated railway transport system, INTXIS intercity railway signaling syst...

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  • Casco Awarded National Service-oriented Manufacturing Model Company


    Recently, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has selected the first batch of service-oriented manufacturing model companies (project & platform) in accordance with Made in China 2025 and Guidance of Developing Service-oriented Manufacturing. There are 30 model companies in total, of whi...

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  • Shanghai Line 17 Going into Pilot Run with Casco’ Signaling System of Independent Intellectual Property Rights


    Recently, Shanghai Metro Line 17 as the city’s western corridor was announced to go into pilot run after gaining signaling system safety certificate and be prepared for the trial operation at the end of this year.

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  • Casco Supports Kunming Metro Network by Opening Line 3&6 on the Same Day


    At 9 o’clock on the morning of August 29th 2017, Kunming Line 3 and 6 with Casco’s Urbalis 888 signaling system entered into commercial service as the train full of passengers left East Bus Station, thus Kunming has entered the age of rail transit network.

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  • Casco Enters Chengdu China Railway Industrial Park to Support Rail Transit Industry in the Southwest


    On August 21st, CASCO Signal (Chengdu) Ltd. officially signed to enter China Railway Industrial Park, which marked Casco’s landing in Chengdu as the southwest headquarters, and an important milestone of strategic shift in a new journey after 30 years since its foundation.

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  • Casco’s Craftsmanship Makes Baolan PDL Quality Project


    At 8:16 on July 9th 2017, Baolan Passenger Dedicated Line, the last part of the longest horizon in China’s railway network, entered into commercial service as G2028 train left Lanzhou West Station for Xuzhou.

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  • Changchun Enters the Age of Metro with Casco’s Urbalis 888


    At 8 o’clock this morning, Changchun Line 1 with Casco’s Urbalis 888 signaling solution entered commercial service, which not only provided another transport method for local citizens but also marked Changchun entering the age of metro.

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  • Shenzhen Longhua Modern Tramway Enters Commercial Service, with Casco’s SmarTram System


    On the morning of June 29th, Shenzhen Longhua modern tramway, the first tramway with weak current systems deeply integrated in China, entered trial operation.

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  • Casco Brings Latest Intelligent Solutions to UrTran 2017


    Casco brought latest TIDAS (Traffic Integrated Dispatcher Automatic System) and SmarTram system to UrTran 2017, which was held in China International Exhibition Center by China Association of Metros from June 19th to 21st. The intelligent systems attracted many visitors and its cutting-edge technolo...

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  • Casco Honored as National Enterprise Technical Center


    On December 29th, National Development and Reform Commission issued the list of 2016 national enterprise technical centers and Casco was officially honored. It is another achievement in Casco’s technical innovation which perfectly highlights Casco’s 30th anniversary as well as the Innovation Year.

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  • Casco’s Train Control System Applied to Yungui Railway


    At 10 o’clock sharp on December 28th 2016, Yungui Railway (Kunming-Baise section) with Casco’s train control system onboard entered into revenue service. It is Casco’s first large train control center project with C2 (250km/h) standard, opening a new chapter in Casco’s development history.

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  • Casco Helps Hong Kong’s First Driverless Metro Enter into Revenue Service


    On December 28th, South Island Line (SIL) in Hong Kong for which Casco supplied automatic train supervision (ATS) system entered revenue service.

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  • The World’s First CBTC System with 4G LTE Went into Operation on Wuhan Line 6


    On December 28th, the CBTC system provided by Casco Signal was commissioned on Wuhan Line 6. It is the first metro line using 4G LTE technology that went into passenger-carrying operation in China as well as in the world

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  • Casco Exports Technology by Opening Nigeria’s Abuja-Kaduna Railway


    After Ethiopia’s first LRT project, Casco’s signaling technology continues its journey to the West by providing advanced signaling system for Nigeria’s Abuja-Kaduna Railway. It’s a new breakthrough of Casco’s technology export with the Belt and Road construction and intelligent manufacturing in Chin...

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  • Casco Attends Modern Railways 2016 with Brand New Signaling System


    Casco Signal Ltd., the leading signaling system provider in the industry, attended Modern Railways 2016 with brand new INTXIS Intercity Railway (CTCS2+ATO)Signaling System and Integrated Operation and Maintenance System (IOM).

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  • CASCO Takes the Lead in Passing CMMI4 Certification


    On May 25th 2016, Casco obtained CMMI4 Certificate awarded by Process Improvement Asia successfully after an 8-day onsite appraisal, becoming the first among rail transit signaling industry to get this certificate.

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  • Mr. Fei Zhenhao Wins 2015 Mao Yisheng Railway Engineer Award


    On May 8th 2016, the 25th Mao Yisheng Science and Technology Foundation award ceremony cosponsored by Chinese Academy of Engineering, Mao Yisheng Science and Technology Foundation and Beijing Jiaotong University was held in Beijing Jiaotong University. Casco’s Fei Zhenhao in Train Monitoring System ...

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  • Casco Helps the First Intercity Line in Urban Agglomeration Commissioned


    Recently, Guanhui and Fozhao Line with Casco's CTC signaling system were commissioned and successfully connected to CTC dispatching center of Pearl River Delta Intercity Railway

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  • Beijing Fangshan Line Succeeds in Mixed Operation of Two CBTC Systems


    On February 24th 2016, CASCO Signal signed the asset management contract with Beijing Subway as Casco’s self-independent TRANAVI CBTC signaling system with 100% intellectual property replaced part of the original imported Urbalis 888 system and together served Fangshan Line.

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  • Casco Commended by Beijing Subway for Stable Operation of New Signaling System in Line 1


    Recently, Beijing Subway rewarded Casco with a commentary letter which recognized the reliability of the new signaling system and gave high appraisal of Casco’s contribution to the signaling renovation of Beijing Line 1.

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  • The First Metro Traffic Control Integrated Automation System Successfully Accepted after Two Years of Sound Operation


    Recently, the signaling system (including integrated monitoring system) of Beijing Metro Line 6 undertaken by Casco was successfully accepted after two years of operation. This project has realized the successful application of traffic control integrated automation system (TIAS) in rail transit, whi...

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  • Casco Becomes the First in the Industry to Complete 4G LTE Communication Technology Test on Wuhan Line 4


    Recently, Casco successfully completed dynamic testing and verification of CBTC signaling system based on 4G LTE communication technology on Wuhan Line 4, a passenger-carrying line in operation, making it the first in the industry once again and laying solid foundation for applying 4G LTE technology...

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  • Casco’s Independent Signaling System Goes Abroad for Ethiopia LRT


    On the afternoon of September 20 (Beijing time), Ethiopia Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit (Phase I) was officially commenced, convoyed by Casco’s signaling system with independent intellectual property rights.

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  • Casco Appears in UrTran 2015 with SmarTram Signaling System


    UrTran 2015 was held in Beijing by China Association of Metros from June 16 to 18. As the leading signaling system specialist and benchmark in rail transit signaling, Casco made its grand appearance with SmarTram, the latest tramway signaling system.

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  • China’s First Exported All- Electronic Computer-based Interlocking System Completed


    On May 13th 2015, the first exported all-electronic computer-based interlocking system undertook by Casco was successfully accepted in THANALENG station in Vientiane, Laos and ready to be commissioned.

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  • Casco’s High-Speed Railway CTC System Wins 2014 First Prize in Science and Technology by China Railway Society


    Recently, Casco Signal Ltd. won 2014 First Prize in Science and Technology by China Railway Society for its high-speed railway CTC system.

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  • Casco’s Key Railway Signaling Products Pass CRCC Certification


    Recently, Casco’s LKD2-KA train control center and TSRS-KA temporary speed restriction server has officially gained certificate from China Railways Production Certification Center (CRCC).

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