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CASCO Signal Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Casco), established on March 5th 1986, is the Sino-foreign first joint venture in China railway industry with dominant holdings by China Railway Signal and Communication Co., Ltd. and foreign investment by ALSTOM Investment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Thanks to the full support of both Chinese and foreign shareholders, Casco has always been promptly updated with the latest and the most advanced signal control technology, safety concept and management systems in China and abroad. On the basis of that, Casco digests, absorbs and re-innovates while taking into account the features of Chinese market and the company itself, thus forming a unique Casco mode.

As the leading signaling solution provider in the industry, Casco considers safety as the foundation for its survival and growth, adheres to the core values of “safety, integrity, team and innovation”, and is committed to safeguarding convenient public transportation with the most safe, reliable and stable signaling systems and shaping a better life together.

Corporate Culture

Enterprise culture

Safety: Safety is the foundation for the survival and growth of signaling company. Casco consistently improves safety technology, observes safety procedures and forms safety culture.
Integrity: Integrity is the fundamental of Casco’s principle. We believe that only by integrity can we win respect and trust from customers.
Team: Efficient teamwork not only reduces internal transaction cost, but also guarantees highly efficient service.
Innovation: Innovation is the driving force of technology. We are always trying to satisfy varying customer needs by continuous innovation.

Safety and Quality Assurance

Honors and Qualifications

1st Prize in completing the project in time against difficulties—Shanghai Line 10 Project Team